How do I install and remove my Foonf/Fllo Drink-Thingy?

Note: When the car seat is installed rear-facing with a vehicle belt, the cup holder can ONLY be used on the side closest to the seat belt buckle.


Step 1

Select side of seat cup holder will be installed on.

Locate slot on the underside of rear-facing belt path (left or right side of seat).

Insert tab on corresponding cup holder attachment.

Step 2

Move opposite end of cup holder attachment into rear-facing belt path and press firmly to securely snap into place.

Step 3

Slide the cup holder tab down into the securely mounted cup holder attachment.



Step 1

Remove seat cushion. See “Removing / Installing Seat Cushion” in your car seat manual.

Step 2

Press bottom of cup holder tab and pull up to remove cup holder from attachment.

Step 3

Press and hold inner tab on cupholder attachment.

While holding inner tab, use other hand from inside the seat to push cup holder attachment out of rear-facing belt path.

Note: It may be necessary to lift the bottom edge of the car seat cover to push the cup holder attachment out.

Step 4

Remove cup holder attachment from car seat by sliding outer tab from slot on the underside of the rear-facing belt path.


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