What are the differences between Foonf and Fllo?

Here is a list of the main differences between the Fllo and Foonf:

  • Foonf’s REACT energy management system is designed to work with a rigid LATCH installation
  • Fllo’s EACT energy management system is designed to work with a belt installation (vehicle belt or LATCH belt)
  • Both seats have very similar safety technologies, designed to work best with different types of installations
  • Foonf has three different recline positions which the seat can be locked into
  • Fllo has one set angle for rear-facing installations, and one set angle for forward-facing installations
  • Foonf uses a rear-facing wedge attached to the base of the seat to help create the necessary angle for a rear-facing installation
  • Fllo features a recline-foot built into its base for the same purpose
  • Since the base of the Fllo doesn’t include the Rigid LATCH connectors or the smooth recline feature of the Foonf, the Fllo is about 10 lb lighter and sits a bit lower on your vehicle seat, so may be a better fit for those who are looking for something more lightweight for travel
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