I can’t connect my booster seat to the vehicle’s LATCH lower anchors.

Clek booster seats have been designed to fit all designated LATCH seating locations. However, some vehicles have lower LATCH anchors placed deeper in the crease of the vehicle seat than in other vehicles, which results in variation of ease in installation.

Locate the LATCH lower anchor in your vehicle and secure one LATCH connector at a time. Secure the LATCH Connectors to the vehicle LATCH lower anchors by aligning the LATCH Connector with the vehicle lower LATCH anchor and pressing the LATCH Connectors against the LATCH lower anchor until you hear a click. Repeat for the other side.

If using the Oobr model, you can extend the LATCH Connectors to facilitate installation. To extend the LATCH Connectors, pull and hold the recline handle on front of booster seat base and the pull LATCH Connectors out.