The most important role models for a child learning good habits in and around vehicles are their parents and caregivers.

Children are like sponges and absorb the world around them. They mimic behaviors displayed by the adult figures in their lives. That is why it is highly important, not only for our own safety but that of our children, that we as adults always buckle our seat belt before the car is put in drive.

We can’t miss the opportunity to also talk about the most common distraction for drivers today…technology. One day, before we’re ready for it, our children will be behind the wheel of their own car. After years of sitting with a back seat view of us engrained in their brains, they will venture out on their own, likely to repeat the behaviors they observed from us. So make the safe choice every time you get into the driver seat and put your phone away. Place it somewhere that you will not be tempted by a lit screen or the sound of a notification. The safety of those in your vehicle and in the vehicles surrounding you are depending on it.


Ride Safe. Ride Right. Ride On.