Liing / Liingo Compatible Strollers

Clek founder Chris Lumley installing a Clek Liing infant car seat

Our Infant Car Seats Are Compatible with the Strollers You Love

Liing and Liingo work seamlessly with an ever-growing list of the top strollers from brands you love.

They're also easy to install and designed with thoughtful features like a convenient one-handed quick release, a UPF 50+ canopy that extends for near-full coverage, and a peekaboo window that enhances airflow to help keep your newborn comfortable, making on-the-go effortless.

Clek Liing on a Bumbleride Stroller
Clek Recommended Travel Systems

Bumbleride® Travel Systems

We've partnered with like-minded stroller brand Bumbleride to help assure parents that their little ones are traveling safely and in style in non-toxic gear.

Please note:

Due to ongoing supply chain challenges, we recommend checking with the stroller manufacturer to confirm adapter availability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Liing, Liingo & Stroller Compatibility

Who makes the adapters?

In most cases, the adapters are manufactured by their respective stroller brand. The Clek Car Seat Adapter for UPPAbaby* is made by Clek.

Why does it state that Liing/Liingo is compatible with Maxi-Cosi adapters and not Clek adapters?

Like many car seats, the Clek Liing/Liingo was designed to work with the Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters, as they are already available and universal with most strollers.

Where do you find out if a particular stroller has been tested and approved for use with Liing/Liingo - is there a database you can check?

This page is your best resource, as there is no central database for this information. Unfortunately, the physical packaging for the adapters doesn't always have the latest information, because it is not updated as often (or as easily).

Who does the testing to determine stroller compatibility?

In order for a car seat to be compatible with a stroller, it must pass the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) technical standard for strollers. Some car seat and stroller brands have their own in-house testing facilities and may choose to complete this testing internally. Other brands (such as Clek) complete their testing through a certified independent third-party laboratory.

Why would a stroller brand say Liing/Liingo isn't compatible with their strollers, even though you have it listed as compatible?

It is up to the stroller brand if they wish to market Liing/Liingo as compatible with their strollers. They may choose not to market it as compatible, should they have their own infant seat. However, any stroller listed as compatible on our site has been tested by a third-party laboratory, so you can be assured that it is compatible.

Strollers on this list have been tested with the Clek Liing/Liingo infant seat (by either a certified independent testing body and/or the stroller manufacturer) and are compliant with the applicable ASTM standards for car seats on strollers.

All stroller trademarks referred to as being compatible with the Clek Liing/Liingo Infant Seat are proprietary trademarks of the stroller brand owners and not Clek.

* Registered Trademark of Monahan Products LLC. This product has not been licensed or specifically authorized by Monahan Products.