Clek car seats installed in a Range Rover SUV

Our Story

Clek team members holding images of their kids in Clek car seats

Canadian-Made Car Seats That Help You Protect What Matters Most

We're Clek, a proudly Canadian brand creating award-winning infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats that combine safety with parent-friendly ease-of-use and modern style.

Our car seats and accessories unite superior design, engineering excellence, world-class manufacturing, and the craftsmanship formerly found only in luxury automotive seating.

The result? One-of-a-kind seats that will keep your kids happy and comfortable and allow you to relax and focus on the ride.

Family portrait of the Clek Founders

Parental Instinct

Sure, you have to make a lot of compromises as a parent. But when it comes to the safety of your kids? No way.

When we became parents, we realized that none of the available car seats offered everything we wanted: best-in-class safety, convenience and style. Every car seat seemed to come with a trade-off. More safety meant less convenience. More convenience meant less style.

We knew we could do better, so we did.

Engineers testing a Clek Car Seat Component

Engineering Know-How

Our background in the automotive industry got us thinking. Vehicles are designed with crash management systems. And seats are built on metal substructures.

Why shouldn't child car seats have the same safety technology? And why shouldn't they include safety features that are standard in Europe, like rigid-UAS systems and anti-rebound features? 

What's more, kids in Sweden sit rear-facing until they turn four. We decided it was high time to make these advanced safety features and best practices available in North America.

So we went ahead and built a car seat that we would buy - with the best of everything. Yes, it meant making a more expensive seat. But it also meant making a seat that's built without compromise.

We don't just Design for Safety. We Design for Peace of Mind - Right Here in Ontario, Canada.

We get it. A car seat isn't about checking a box. It's about protecting your family. And it has to fit into your lives (and your cars). We design car seats the way we want them to be experienced. Easy to install. Secure as a tank. Comfortable to sit in. Awesome to look at. With a level of protection that comes with peace of mind.

Mother walking with her son to the beach

Doing the Right Thing for our Customers, our Community and our Planet.

Responsibility. It's what parenting is about. And it's what our business is about. Like making our child seats right here in North America where we can manage the quality control. Giving back to our community by supporting kid-focused organizations. Providing our employees with paid time off to volunteer with a charity of choice. And being the first (and only) car seat manufacturer with a recycling program.