Tired of dealing with scuffs and stains on your car seats caused by little feet? Say goodbye to those frustrating marks and hello to a pristine ride with our latest innovation: Kick-Thingy!


We’re thrilled to introduce the Clek Kick-thingy, your vehicle seat's new best friend. This lightweight padded shield is designed to protect your car's seat back effortlessly. Whether it's your child's restless kicking or accidental spills, Kick-thingy has got you covered!


Kick-thingy being installed in a vehicle

Installs in Seconds

Installation is a breeze, and is compatible with almost every vehicle out there (but be sure to confirm in your vehicle manual!). It's designed for compatibility with all Clek car seats, including rear-facing installations with both Foonf and Fllo. This makes it a great option for keeping your car's seats clean during extended rear-facing use!

No need to worry about complicated setups or incompatible fittings – with Kick-thingy, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your car seats are safe from harm.

Kick thingy on the front and back of a vehicle seat

Protect Your Vehicle Wherever It's Needed Most

Kick-thingy offers versatility like no other. You can use it to safeguard the backside of the front seat or the front side of the back seat. With this dual functionality, you have the flexibility to protect your vehicle wherever it's needed most.

Keep Your Interior Looking as Good as New

Gone are the days of cringing every time your little ones hop into the car. Kick-thingy ensures that your car's interior stays looking as good as new, wherever your rides take you.

So, why wait? Say hello to a cleaner, more comfortable car experience with the Kick-thingy vehicle seat protector! Shop now to learn more and get your hands on this must-have car accessory. Your car seats will thank you!

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