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Color: Q-tether

Limits rotation of a rear-facing Foonf and Fllo convertible car seats

The Q-tether is a rear-facing tether that is an added accessory for the Clek Foonf and Fllo. The webbing wraps around the back of the convertible car seat structure through the forward-facing lock-offs (red) and secures to the vehicle’s top tether anchor. 

The Foonf and Fllo convertible car seats are very safe without this additional accessory. The Q-Tether simply improves the already impressive safety performance by limiting the rotation of the car seat towards the front of the vehicle in a frontal collision, lowering the forces on the child’s head and neck. 

*The Q-Tether is used in addition to the anti-rebound bar and does not replace the anti-rebound bar.  Always install your Foonf or Fllo according to the instruction manual before installing the Q-Tether.

Please note: this item is non-refundable

Country of Origin

Made in China

Brother and sister riding in their Clek convertible car seats in rear-facing mode

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