Brother and sister riding in their Clek convertible car seats in rear-facing mode

Foonf vs Fllo:
What are the Differences?

Find out what makes Foonf and Fllo Unique

How They're Installed Rear-Facing

Foonf uses an angled Rear-Facing Base which attaches to the bottom of the seat to help provide an appropriate rear-facing angle. This also provides an elevated ride height, making it easier for your child to see the world around them.

Fllo features a built-in Recline Foot which swivels out into position to help provide an appropriate rear-facing angle. This creates a lower ride-height, which can help maximize visibility and space in more compact vehicles.

How They're Installed Forward-Facing

Foonf is equipped with Rigid-LATCH connectors (as shown) for forward-facing installations.

Fllo uses the same flexible LATCH belt for both rear and forward-facing installations

How Their Crumple Technology Works:

Foonf's REACT (Rigid-LATCH Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology) is designed to work best with a forward-facing Rigid LATCH installation (which can be combined with vehicle seat belt when vehicle LATCH anchor limits are exceeded).

Fllo's EACT (Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology) is designed to work best with a belt installation (vehicle belt or LATCH belt)

How They're Reclined

Foonf has three different recline positions which the seat can be adjusted into, including Forward-facing (positions 1 or 2) and Rear-facing (positions 2 or 3).

Fllo is reclined manually, by repositioning it on your vehicle seat.

A Few Other Things to Consider:

Planning on Swapping the Seat Between Vehicles?

Due to its base design, Fllo weighs 10 lbs less than Foonf, which makes it a little more convenient for frequent vehicle swaps.

Thinking About a 3-Across Installation?

Many vehicles do not have LATCH anchors for all 3 positions. This makes Fllo a great choice for positions where you'd be unable to make use of Foonf's Rigid-LATCH feature.

Want More Colour?

Foonf is available in both white and black frames, while Fllo is only available in a black frame. Foonf also comes in a wider variety of fabric options.

What do Foonf and Fllo Have in Common?

  • Both seats are proudly made in Ontario, Canada
  • Both have the same height and weight limits.
  • Both are side impact tested and offer advanced side impact protection, with structural headrests.
  • Both share the same upper structure (everything above the base!)
  • Both have a steel anti-rebound bar for added stability and secure rear-facing installation.
  • Both are less than 17 inches wide and fit 3-across in most vehicles.
  • Both come in many of the same fabric options, all of which are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.
  • Both are available in Flame-Retardant Free Railroad fabric as well as Mammoth, a 70% merino wool and 30% TENCEL™ fabric blend that's naturally-sourced, biodegradable, and free of ANY added flame retardants.
  • Both are approved for use on aircraft.
  • Both have a 9-year expiry, from the date of manufacture.

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